Product Summary

As an overview, our web streaming system is compatible with most currently installed Audiovision AV systems.  Our simple, reliable and 100% self-managed system provides:

  • Streaming locations a fully self-managed portal in order to set up, brand and manage their funeral stream services.
  • Offers the ability to share private or public web streaming details directly to client families.
  • Provides oversight through analytics and reports offering accurate and statistical data about your streamed events, viewer engagement and other important metrics
  • The streaming platform is able to be used with the majority of hardware in existing chapel AV systems.

 The Streaming Player Page:

  • Provides families with either a secure, PIN protected, or publicly accessible web page from which to access their funeral service stream.
  • Provides families with a live pause and rewind (DVR) function to present them with the best possible viewing experience.
  • Access to the Service Recording for 1 year and ability to download.
  • Automatically adapts stream quality to match the available bandwidth of the viewer to prevent buffering on low bandwidth connections.
  • Archives and provides access to the recording after the streamed event in order to allow family & friends the ability to revisit the stream, assisting in the grief recovery process.

Last modified on Dec 16, 2020